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Amulet's project methodology is based on a hybrid of industry best-practice including Agile and RAD techniques, Microsoft Solutions Framework, SCRUM, PRINCE2 and the Rational Unified Process. At Amulet, we term it Squid ® - Service, QUality, Innovation and Delivery.

  • Service reflects Amulet's desire to provide a world-class service to all of its customers and business partners.
  • Quality reflects one of Amulet's prime tenets which is to deliver reliable and robust solutions.
  • Innovation reflects Amulet's ability to create leading edge solutions using the latest IT technologies and also its desire to stay ahead of the rest of the industry.
  • Delivery reflects Amulet's commitment and resolve to deliver reliably on all of the above.

Amulet has the advantage that they have a mix of Project Management and technical skills to ensure that a high quality technical solution is backed up by reliable project delivery.

The amount of 'process' used will vary on a project-by-project basis to ensure that each project is managed as efficiently as possible taking into account particular project attributes such as the size and complexity of the project in hand.

Amulet can work in a very flexible manner either fitting in with existing project processes that may be in place in your business or by following Amulet's Squid ® methodology.